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Mac vs PC

mac vs pcWassup Fam,

In this article I wanted to talk about the pointless Mac vs. PC debate.  In this article Iím going to touch on both platforms and prove to you that it makes no difference which computer platform you're using.

Crunk Style Rolls Using Battery

fl studio batteryIn this tutorial youíll learn how to get those nice Crunk Style Rolls using Battery. If you donít have Battery yet your missing out on a powerful piece of software.


Social Media and Music

socialmedia     The game has changed yaíll! And If youíre going to successfully promote yourself and your music then youíve got to be actively involved in Social Media...


Pro Tools - Quick Start Up

Pro Tools Quick Session Start UpDoes it take you forever just to get your session going? When musical inspiration comes upon you, you need to lay it down fast and you donít time to wait! In this tutorial you will learn how to create a Session Template in Pro Tools.


5 Minute Blog Setup

wordpress blogIn this tutorial, youíll learn how to set-up a WordPress Blog in less than 5 Minutes! Having a active blog is an execellent way of getting people to hear your music. The more ears that hear your music more money you can potentially make.



In this brief article I wanted to talk about the 3 Pís: Passion, Persistence, and Patience.  And to be successful in music or anything else your going to need all three of these.


Choose Your Drums Wisely

choosingdrumsDo you want your drums to HIT HARD? Then youíve gotta have the right sounds to accomplish that task. In this tutorial you will hear the difference great drum sounds will make in your productions.


Stay Focused

stay focused

In this article I wanted to talk about staying focused.  In todayís world itís so easy to get distracted and lose focus on what it is that your doing and what youíre trying to accomplish.